Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tour Guide Tuesday: AMP

Funded by the local, state and federal government, Nashville is taking a huge step in the right direction regarding public transportation by moving forward with the AMP project. Known as BRT, Bus Rapid Transit, AMP will offer predictable, reliable and convenient public transportation that gets people where they need to go. It will provide fast, frequent service and more than 1.3 million trips a year. A final engineering firm was announced in late 2013 to design the final product and grant writing has commenced, so ready or not, AMP is coming to Nashville.
This project, heavily sponsored by Mayor Dean, has been in the works since 2008. The rapid tranisit bus will provide a straight shot from 5-points on the east side to St. Thomas hospital on West End.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Fluff your Sofa: Pottery Barn Comfort Sofa Upgrade

I love Pottery Barn, and about 3 years I invested in a PB Comfort sofa.  The PB sofas in store are beyond comfortable, but the selling point was the durable, machine washable slip cover. The slip is easy to remove and easily fits in 2 washing machine loads.  Putting it back on (and making it look pretty) can be a challenge, but worth it.  

My biggest complaint about the PB sofa is inline with John and Sherry's review from Young House Love.  
It kinda looks frumpy.  
The back cushions deflated and it seemed to lose it's shape.  

After researching sofa fixes online, I was convinced I could DIY this misfortune.  

All it took was a bag of poly-fil and a needle and thread.

After removing the slipcover, I found the seam, snipped a stitch and removed about 8 inches of the seam.

Next, stuff poly-fil into empty chambers, specifically the corners and edges.

Then I simply sewed the seam back up.

Here is the half way mark.  What a difference!

***I am not a seamstress, nor an upholstery expert, this is simply a DIY fix with the tools I have at home.  I'm sure sewing the seam on a machine would yield much better quality, but I went with the work with whatcha got approach ;)

***The slipcover is removed in all photos above.

Friday, January 17, 2014

5 for Friday: Las Vegas Getaway

Linking up with Darci, April, Natasha and Christina for 5 on Friday!  Here are 5 fun things we did on our Vegas vacation last week.

1. Party!
When in Rome!  We thoroughly enjoyed the nightlife!  From bars and clubs to shows and sights, the Vegas nighttime playground was thrilling to explore ;)


2. National Treasures 
We took a couple day trips to visit Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon.  As much as I like to tease JK for encouraging me to visit places I read about in history books or studied in geography class, they were both quite the site to see.  The history of the Colorado river, droughts, flooding, and the great depression were brought to life with our visits to these national treasures.


3. Gamble (a little)
Neither of us are big gamblers, but we did bet on the national championship game (I picked Auburn) and play a little blackjack.  No big wins or losses to report, but it would be nice if the sports bets could pay out for the team that deserved to win....

4. Eat, eat and eat
Ya'll, food in this town is serious business!  From buffets to cafes, we ate and ate and ate until we couldn't move.  That's the best part of vacation, right?

5. Tourist stops
Walking the Las Vegas strip is probably the only way I didn't gain 10 pounds last week.  We loved checking out the sights and sounds of Vegas.  We ventured Fremont Street, loved the Bellagio fountians, and checked out a few shops Nashville isn't graced with (new fav men's store-Suit Supply).

Thursday, January 16, 2014

(One of) My Best Friend's Wedding!

In November, I had the privilege of celebrating the marriage of one of my dearest friends, Sarah.  The ceremony was in Maryville, TN at RT Lodge.  The weekend celebration could not have been more perfect!  We all had cozy cottage rooms, side by side, and the grounds were breathtaking with all of the fall foliage.  Enough of the chatter, the photos speak for themselves...


To Sarah and Michael Murphy,

Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your big day!  The entire experience was simply magical and I'm honored to have friends like you.  To a life of love and happiness,

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tour Guide Tuesday: Husk

Located in Rutledge Hill (a couple blocks from Rolling Mill Hill), Husk is a Charleston classic, Nashville has welcomed with open arms.  Nestled in a historic home downtown, this fine dining establishment is on the top of my list for a fancy night out. 
The menu is southern classic, laced with delightful twists.  With all ingredients sourced locally, the menu changes often, but trust me, you can't go wrong.
The renovated space is also a beautiful mix of southern charm with a modern flair.  This neighborhood charm is just what the hill south of Broadway needed.  Reservations are necessary and can be made through opentable.com.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Hey JK, It's Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday JK!  

Thirty looks good on you.
Get yo celebration on.
Vegas style ;)