Friday, March 7, 2014

5 for Friday!

1. A couple weeks ago, I had the sweetest house guest, Candace.  We checked out Jackalope Brewery, dined at St. Anejo, and brunched at Germantown Cafe.  This girl keeps me laughing, that's why I love her!

2.  Speaking of brunch, Gray's in Franklin knocked my socks off!  Ya'll have to check it out.  In a restored pharmacy, this new Franklin staple, perfectly marries southern favorites with a fresh twist.  I ordered the farmer's daughter, and enjoyed every bite.

3. Dad to the rescue!  Sometime my DIY dreams are a bit too big, but never too big for my dad :)  He helped completed several projects, the house is finally feeling like a home.  Check out this new light fixture he installed over the kitchen sink.  JK, your handyman skills are appreciated as well.  Once I style and accessorize the beautiful gallery shelves he built, I will share those as well.

4.  Next weekend is my dear friend, Emily's, bridal shower, and I could not be more excited to kick off this wedding season.  I can't wait to see all of my favorite girls and catch up.  We are having a ball planning the beach bachelorette weekend, stay tuned! 

5. Here is a parting note from my baby, Woody.


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