Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Bachelorette Party Invitations {DIY}

 3 things I love:
The Beach
Making Invitations
Welcome to the perfect storm :)
When planning a bachelorette weekend for my dear friend, Emily, I quickly volunteered to create the invitations.  I wanted to stick with her wedding colors and create something one of a kind for our close group of friends.  After surfing pinterest and a visit to The Paper Source, I was inspired.  I love learning new things, and gold embossing was no different.  Did you know all this type of deco is simply a stamp+stamp pad+glitter+heat?  So easy! 
No, the gold dots aren't perfect and my photos aren't magazine worthy, but this fun little craft was so fun to put together for Em!
Coming up: More fun photos of the bachelorette festivities.

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