Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tour Guide Tuesday: Acme Feed and Seed

For years, the corner of Broadway and 1st Ave, stood an empty old warehouse begging for a little love from a local developer.  Boy did the developers show Acme a little love!  With over 22,000 sq feet of open space, this Nashville gem is the hottest ticket on Broadway.  

You will be greeted by a larger than life menu as you waltz through the doors of the 1890's grocery store.  You can either order on at the entrance or head upstairs to the sushi lounge on the 2nd floor.  The 3rd floor is reserved for private parties.  With a spacious rooftop deck overlooking the city, this even space is bound to be a hit in Music City. 

I'm sure this new hot spot was built with tourist in mind, but the locals are loving it too.  The food is spot on, the vibe is eclectic and approachable (per the Tennessean), and the live music is top notch.  

Check out more info on their website: http://theacmenashville.com/