Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday

Long time, no see friends!

No time for excuses, let's just enjoy reconnecting :)

1. I have been working diligently to get my real estate business in full swing.  I'm proud to say I have a closing under my belt, have all of the tools and apps I need, and my website is about a week from go-live.  Here is a sample of my website inspiration.  ***Photos by Blake Brooks Photography

2.  I loved American Sniper, it was captivating and though-provoking.  It was a great reminder of how thankful we should be for our troops and the sacrifices they make everyday.  
*Mom-probably not one for you to go see.

3.  A recent controversial ban was just placed on the Nashville Farmers Market.  According to the market's director, Tasha Kennard, "Across the country, there are really two different kinds of farmers' market.  There are producer-only markets and there are markets where we call it, 'anything goes.'"  The Nashville Farmers Market has decided to ban re-sold products.  

In English, no longer can the vendors go buy produce at Wal-mart, bring it to the Farmer's Market and advertise it as home grown  Even though we all knew that it wasn't home grown, because they didn't even peel the Wal-mart produce stickers off!  

Sweet Home Nashville Approved.

4.  In other Nashville news, the Nashville Sounds released their new logo to match their new stadium this week.  They did release a new logo in October, but no one liked the orange, so they reverted to red.  Also, rumor on the street is, Ozzie will be replaced with a "hot chicken".

5.  Finally, you can pull your AMP yes! and AMP no! signs our of your front yard.  The project has officially died.  Karl Dean is a visionary, and although he can see major traffic issues about to plague Music City, there aren't enough supporters in the pipeline to keep driving the project forward after his term ends this year.  The worst part of the story, you will have to find another topic for your, "You're so Nashville if...." submission this year.