Friday, December 29, 2017

Girlfriends > ERRYBODY

Don't you love the week leading up to and after Christmas, when the whole world takes a little break?  The timing was perfect for a little girlfriend time and a photo shoot. :)  My dearest friends are my college loves, roomies and sorority sisters.  I simply adore my fellow Christian Brothers University grads and am so thankful to experience life with them by my side.   Thankfully I was in the pretty sorority, so I knew the photos would be beautiful!

These girls were there by my side in engineering school and I couldn't wait to share a little more of my new world of Give Her Six with them.  *It's a lot more fun!  

I usually shoot in Nashville and have a go-to photographer, so after deciding to do a shoot in Memphis, naturally I went insta-stalking.  It was love at first sight, I knew Mary Kate Steele would get my brand and style from her feed and YES SHE DID!  

Hair: Pavo Salon
Make-up: Kacey Acuff
Photographer: Mary Kate Steele
Location: Liberty Bowl, Memphis, TN

Sarah (Tragarz) Murphy

Candace (Parks) Daniel

Emily (Daniel) Shores

Mary Kate Steele

Emily, Sarah and Candy- Thank you for braving the freezing temps for our shoot!  I treasure these images, but more importantly, I treasure our friendship.  

The luckiest,

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